Iteration #3

Here in CCS we’ve been trying out some agile methods to improve our development workflow. One of the key traits of good agile development is transparency, so with that in mind we will be publishing updates here on our iterations.

We started keeping records with our 3rd iteration:

Our main focus for iteration 3 was the redevelopment of the Channels system, specifically the first phase of that development, which is to get all the channels data from the WPS into Drupal.

The other areas we worked on in iteration 3 were:

  • Fixing a few problems with the new /maps page
  • Deploying the new local search solution for Drupal sites
  • Fixing some styling issues with ecalendar syndicated content
  • Applying some changes suggested by Plank
  • Starting work on the new emergency messaging system
  • Continuing work on the McGill homepage redesign
  • Enhancing our profile tools
  • Fixing table theming issues (an ISR ticket)
  • A few other miscellaneous tickets

A total of 26 tickets were assigned to iteration 3, estimated at 107 story points.

Iteration 3 ended on 21st October 2011.

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