Iteration #5

Here’s how we did in iteration 4:


  • Deploy emergency messaging system developed in iteration 3
  • Deploy other fixes and enhancements delivered in iteration 3
  • Enhancements to /maps search
  • Channels phase 1 – handle non-standard locations
  • Home page phase 2
  • Localization server investigation (with help from ISR)
  • Plank recommendations
  • Update some plugins and modules
  • Other miscellaneous tickets

Partially completed:

  • Profile tools phase 2
  • Continuing deployment of local search
  • Sectional navigation
  • Channels phase 1 – alter existing Drupal module to use new hub site

Pushed out to backlog because of other commitments:

  • CSS update for “tabular” form layout
  • Channels phase 1 – create hub views
  • Channels phase 1 – create feeds
  • Convert mediaguide WPS application to Drupal

In total we closed tickets worth 157 story points in iteration 4.

Here’s what we have planned for iteration #5:

  • Finish local search deployment
  • Channels phase 1 – client/hub integration
  • Channels phase 1 – feeds
  • Channels phase 1 – views
  • Channels phase 1 – extend taxonomy support
  • Profile tools phase 2
  • More Plank updates
  • E-Calendar summer studies import
  • Complete private files module (make it work with all files)
  • Improve menu control
  • Deploy megamenu
  • Slideshow fixes
  • Deploy view_unpublished_content
  • Prettify gallery display
  • Some plugin and module updates
  • Deploy feedback form and spam protection
  • Other miscellaneous tickets

We have 29 tickets in iteration 5, for a total of 159 story points.

Iteration 5 ends on 16th December 2011.

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