Iteration 8

We’ve just embarked on Iteration 8 which will run from February 13th through to March 8th.

Our primary focus in Iteration 8 is getting the new McGill home page ready for its upcoming launch.  We are also continuing with substantial work on both the Channels and eCalander projects.

Other work underway this iteration includes:

  • Enhancements to our Emergency Messaging System
  • Cloning the HR site so that their site managers can rework its structure
  • Deployment of the infrastructure necessary for Student Accounts fee listings to appear in French
  • Code review for our partners in ISR.

Iteration 7: Update

Iteration 7 was a short week-long Iteration that ran from February 7th to 10th.

We focused a number of time-critical tickets related to:

  • the upcoming deployment of McGill’s new Athletics site
  • improved configuration for our SOLR search servers
  • an upgrade to our core Drupal code
  • code reviews for our IT partners in libraries and ISR
  • work related to the eCalander project

We managed to close fifty points worth of tickets, but a number of the athletics tickets could not be accommodated and have been pushed into Iteration 8.

Iteration #7

Here’s how we did in iteration #6:

  • Prepare directory module for deployment – DONE
  • Fixes to maps – DONE
  • Fixes to HR job postings – DONE
  • Fixes to breadcrumb handling – Partially done
  • Deployment of mega-menu – Partially done
  • Deployment of new file management interface – DONE
  • Deployment of localization server – DONE
  • E-Calendar Summer Studies import – Partially done
  • E-Calendar enhancements – DONE
  • Channels testing – Partially done
  • Channels UI enhancements – DONE
  • Channels block management enhancements – DONE
  • Channels client/hub enhancements – DONE
  • Module updates – DONE
  • Homepage updates – DONE
  • Improved taxonomy pages – DONE
  • Weather widget for Gault estate – DONE
  • Code reviews for ISR, Libraries and Koumbit – DONE

Iteration #7 is a very short iteration to get some critical things out of the way. The iteration is 1 week long and includes:

  • Review and deployment of Athletics modules
  • Configuration changes for Solr
  • Code reviews for ISR and Libraries
  • Breadcrumb handling enhancements
  • Mega menu enhancements
  • Drupal core upgrade
  • Diff module deployment
  • E-Calendar fixes

We hope to close 70 story points worth of tickets in this short sprint.


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