Iteration 9

We’ve just embarked on Iteration 9 which will run from March 14th through to April 11th.

Our primary focus in Iteration 9 is getting the new McGill Channels system ready for launch.  We are also continuing with substantial work on the eCalendar project.

Other work underway this iteration includes:

  • Additional work related to the soon-to-be-launched McGill Athletics web site
  • Assistance in the reworking of McGill’s Continuing Studies web site.
  • Deployment of the infrastructure necessary for Student Accounts fee listings to appear in French
  • Code review for our partners in ISR and Libraries.

Iteration 8: Update

Iteration 8 was a four week Iteration that ran from February 13th to March 8th.

We focused on a number of time-critical tickets related to:

  • The new home pages.
  • Updates to our Emergency Messaging System.
  • The deployment of changes to our primary theme.
  • Work related to the new McGill Channels system.
  • Work related to the eCalendar project.
  • Code review for our partners in ISR.

We managed to close 144.5 points worth of tickets, but a work related to deploying the updated Student Accounts application could not be accommodated and have been pushed into Iteration 8.

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