Iteration 11: Update

Iteration 11 ran from May 14th through to May 18th.

It was a short one week iteration focused on bug fixing.  The following bugs were fixed as a result:

  • Site managers can now view custom content types via the content->edit interface.
  • CSS issues with WMS blocks.
  • CSS issues with menu text (forced-capitalization and issues with punctiation).
  • An intermittent bug in the courses module.
  • Issues with unexpected files on /law.
  • Several issues related to the new McGill Channels system.
While progress was made on all of the following issues, they were not closed and have been push forward to future iterations:
  • An image cache issue with the McGill home page.
  • A JavaScript aggregation issue.
  • Duplicate mark-up issues with Google Analytics tracking.

A total of 20 story points worth of work was completed in Iteration 11.

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