Iteration 13

We’ve just embarked on Iteration 13 which will focus on the Channels system and run four weeks from June 14th through to July 11th.

Work underway this iteration includes:

  • UI and backend work related to the upcoming release of the new McGill Channels system.
  • Bugs and data migration related to the eCal system.
  • Bugs related to the display of varsity sports and news content on the new Athletics site.
  • Code review for our parters in Libraries.
  • Data migration related to an upcoming restructuring of the HR site.
  • Internationalization of the site manager feedback form.

Iteration 12: Update

Iteration 12 ran from May 22nd through to June 13th.

It was a four week iteration the focused primarily on addressing a few remaining issues with the Channels system.  The following work was undertaken and completed in I12:

  • UI and backend work related to the upcoming release of the new McGill Channels system.
  • Communication preparations for the upcoming Channels switchover.
  • Issues with intermittent Javascript errors occurring on all WMS sites.
  • Presentation of newsroom news data in the new channels system.
  • An upgrade to Drupal’s Drush command line interface.
  • Investigation of duplicate Google Analytics tracking codes on WMS sites.
  • CSS bug that causes unusual tight-hand-side presentation on resized browsers.
  • A number of small bugs related to the eCal system.
  • Custom display of Athletics hall of fame data in preparation for Athletics go live.
  • Deployment of Site Manager feedback form on all WMS sites.
  • Code review of modules submitted by our partners in ISR.
  • Creation of wireframes for upcoming McGill Profiles results display work.
While progress was made on some of the following issues, they were not closed and have been push forward to future iterations.  Many of these items were pushed out of I12 to accomodate newly discovered issues related to the Channels system:
  • Custom presentation of important dates events data in the new channels system.
  • Issues with thumbnail images occasionally failing to load on McGill home pages.
  • Usability testing and possible deployment of revisions to home page navigation.
  • The integration of all WMS sites with a single internationalization server.
  • The deployment of an internationalized interface for Student Accounts tuition fee table information.
A total of 103 story points worth of work was completed in Iteration 12.
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