Iteration 17

We’ve just started Iteration 17 which will run 15 days from the 6th of September through to the 26th of September.

Our work this iteration will include:

  • a few remaining channels issues.
  • moving the GPS Skillset and Calculator applications.
  • a minor fix for the homepage slideshow.
  • addressing issues with WMS training sites.

Iteration 16

Iteration 16 was a brief four day iteration focused on a few last minute fixes for the Channels system.  Itran from August 27th to 30th.

46.5 storypoints were closed in I16.

Iteration 15: Update

Iteration 15 ran from August 6th through to August 26th.

It was a three week iteration the focused primarily on addressing a few remaining issues with the Channels system.  The following work was undertaken and completed in I15:

  • Important dates search tools
  • Client mass import tool
  • Newsroom homepage
  • Newsroom archives
  • Newsroom data import from McGill Reporter Blog
  • Channels import from AOC
  • Channels hub improvements

A total of 87.5 story points worth of work was completed in Iteration 15.

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