Iteration 19

We’ve just begun Iteration 19 which runs from October 29th to November 14th.

Work underway in this iteration includes:

  • The integration of Schulich School of Music events with the McGill Channels system.
  • A mechanism to display video on the McGill home page.
  • Adjustments to the /legaldocuments flash application.
  • Improvements to McGill’s Emergency Message System adding blocks with additional information to sidebar.
  • A fix for a display issue with the mentoring application.
  • Testing and fixes related to an upcoming upgrade of Drupal’s views system.
  • An update to Drupal’s features module.
  • Improvements to the WMS staging system.
  • Attaching all WMS sites to a localization server to ensure better translation of interface text.
  • Bringing IT knowledge Base into global search results.
  • Code review for our partners in libraries.
  • A display fix for overflow text in WordPress blog sidebars.

Iteration 18

We’ve recently begun Iteration 18 which runs from October 9th to October 24th.

Work underway in this iteration includes:

  • A new splash page for deprecated portal domain
  • Some adjustments to the Gault Weather Widget application.
  • Some stylistic changes to the emergency message system.
  • The addition of SASS to all WMS themes.
  • The creation of a staging site for /engineering.
  • An investigation of the work necessary to update to Views 3.
  • Additional scheduling capabilities for the IT Services status block.
  • Code review for our partners in ISR.
  • Improvements to the webforms system.
  • Multiple degrees/faculties enhancement for eCal.
  • Finalization and usability testing of revised home page navigation.
  • An upgrade of the Drush module.
  • A bug fix for ‘page not found’ errors encountered by some site managers when editing content.
  • Additional channels access for CER staff members.
  • A solution or work around for menu system memory issues.
  • Fix for broken channels images.
  • Adjustments to Channels hub event display with respect to which dates are initially shown.
  • Fix for audience term duplicates in Channels.
  • Fix for duplicate content in Channels.
  • Fix for erratic behavior of Twitter Pull block on Newroom site.
  • Replacement of linked in link on Newsroom site.
  • Fix for distribution of uploaded Channels files.
  • Custom CSS for Continuing Studies home page.
  • Social media/print solution for McGill Reporter.
  • CSS issues with channels blocks.
  • eCal: better handling for publication of page nodes.



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