Iteration 20

Iteration 20 has just begun and will run from November 19th to December 5th.

Work underway includes:

  • Giving Channels editors greater ability to work with unpublished content.
  • A change to the Minerva link found in Global navigation.
  • Improvements to the QA system used by WMS developers.
  • An automated process for creating staging sites.
  • Deployment of Channels/Music integration.
  • Deployment of video for home page slideshows.
  • Deployment of improvements to the Emergency Messaging System.
  • Fit/Gap analysis of the eCalendar.
  • Improvements to the McGill Profiles system allowing those profiled to edit their own profiles.
  • Code review and deployment for our partners in Libraries.
  • Deployment of Channels importer enhancements.
  • An import of new content for the GPS eCalendar.
  • A bug fix for off kilter menu styles on /continuingstudies.
  • An update of Drupal’s Views module that involves:
    • General fixes for CCS views related to the Views 3 update.
    • General fixes for ISR views related to the Views 3 update.
    • GPA Calculator Views 3 integration
    • Views 3 integration for /maps.
  • A bug fix for style issues on node edit pages.
  • A bug fix related to inconsistent image resizing in FancySlide slideshows.
  • CSS issues related to display of websites on mobile devices.
  • Changes to accordion and tab template markup used in the WYSIWYG.
  • Channels statistics gathering for the Faculty of Law.




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