Iteration 21

Iteration 21 has just begun and will run from December 10th to December 21st.

Work underway includes:

  • URL error on calendar pages
  • Research and test Drupal integration with Google Search Appliance
  • Addition of <dl> an <dt> tags
  • ┬ástyling fix of french quicklinks
  • Quality of image issues on /law
  • Improve print experience on web pages
  • resolve ICal URLS alerts
  • Modify Channels Import to use the WMS hub as a resource, allowing import by source site as well as category
  • View access for webforms for certain roles
  • Music channels Deployment
  • Zebra stripping for all themes
  • Channels pages – remove repeating teaser from article.
  • HR/ Views 3 update
  • support for <abbr> and <acronym>
  • /Reporter styling additions
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