Iteration 22

Iteration 22 has just begun and will run from January 8th to January 24th.

Work underway includes:

  • Ability for a group to add banner images o the theme
  • Views 3 upgrade
  • Pause solution for homepage
  • Maintaining WYSIWYG editor in IE8 and IE7
  • allowing short tags in Channels content
  • Activate “Save as Draft” for student accounts “fee calculator” page
  • Deploy improvements to Home page Navigation
  • Deploy Homepage Video solution
  • Add Internationalization for McGill Profiles
  • Deploy Channels integration Music
  • Url change /deputyprovost to /studentlifeandlearning/
  • wysiwyg module update
  • Tinymce library update
  • Increase Feed block font-size
  • Remove Urchin integration from WordPress
  • Fix Newsroom Archive search
  • Create a crawl page for GSA

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