Iteration 25

Iteration 25 is currently underway and will run from March 18th to April 10th.

Work underway includes:

  • Mass data import support for the channels system
  • Design work related to an improved interface for Important Dates¬†
  • Initial efforts to reintegrate AOC with the channels system
  • Improvements to unordered list styles
  • Featurization of LDAP authentication for use with Drupal 7
  • Code review of externally development for DAR
  • Import of data from the WPS mediaguide into McGill profiles
  • Stylistic fixes on /music custom applications
  • Review and testing of improvements to responsive design in primary theme
  • Review of proxy voting module for partners in ISR
  • UI ¬†improvements to the McGill Profiles module
  • Minor aesthetic fix for homepage slideshow in IE7
  • Updates for insert_view and views_cycle modules
  • Deployment of a pause solution for the home page
  • Deployment of View 3
  • Deployment of replacement calendar for /music
  • Deployment of revised /community application
  • Core update for WordPress

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