New toolbar on all pages

How many clicks does it take you to check your email from any McGill website? We at CCS have been working on a solution which will make it a one click situation.

The Pinned Access bar has been on our radar for sometime — it’s embarrassing to write how long. We asked the question, how can our 107,517 recurring daily visitors access the most popular tools such as webmail quickly without resorting to a time-consuming series of clicks?

Our answer was to group the most visited tools and encourage you to tack them to the top of the screen. The Pinned Access Bar is a simple solution that has been visible on the homepage, but now will follow you around when visiting other properties. We think this addition will save you valuable time accessing daily tools like email and myCourses.

The CCS webteam initiatives sometimes take longer to push forward. Servicing client request and making large scale system deployments usually take up the bulk of our time. However, it’s gratifying when we can push innovative and fun tools like this forward too. We feel its important to provide a friendly experience on any device, easy access to common tools and a regular feedback process where we can sit down, face to face, with students and faculty and see what needs improvement. If you see us out there with a box of coffee and a laptop, stop by and say hello and share your thoughts to help us improve your McGill web experience.

Iteration 28

Iteration 28 is currently underway and will run from May 27th to June 13th.

Work underway includes:

  • A bug fix for the homepage slideshow.
  • CSS exceptions for our partners in libraries.
  • Making the new /ece site live.
  • Creation of a staging site for /medadmissions.
  • Creation of a staging site for /music.
  • An issue with a broken thumbnail on the McGill home page.
  • Creation of search infrastructure for the new /importantdates site.
  • Research into an appropriate video solution for Drupal 7.
  • Deployment of distributed global navigation.
  • A bug fix for accordions styles within columns.
  • CSS fix for missing admin menu on WordPress sites using the McGill Base theme.
  • A bug wherein site manager access is lost for content -> edit.
  • Addition of venue field for replacement music calendar.
  • Deployment of /music calendar solution.
  • Finalization of localization server config.
  • Media guide data import from WMS to McGill Profiles.
  • Design implementation for new /importantdates site.
  • Automated tag restructuring with /importantdates content.
  • Deployment of Drupal-based global search.
  • Deployment of DAR’s new Drupal 7 site.
  • Deployment of AOC/Channels integration.
  • Featurization of home page audience selector.
  • Review of home page content in an effort to uncover linked slideshow nodes.
  • Issues with channels content when ANY/SourceSite is selected.
  • Issues with /mentoring mentor selection process.
  • Data export of WPS channels items for the Faculty of Law.
  • Refeaturization of teaching snapshots application.

Iteration 27

Iteration 27 is currently underway and will run from May 6th to May 22nd.

Work underway includes:

  • Support for /study calendar deployment.
  • Code review of for our partners in libraries.
  • Resolution of issues uncovered in UAT of updated music calendar.
  • Internationalization of McGill profiles.
  • Converting ‘On this page’ module to Drupal 7.
  • Work on foundational elements for new important dates search interface.
  • Prototype and usability testing of new important dates search interface.
  • Script to automate re-tagging of important dates channels items.
  • Deployment of path transliteration.
  • Adjustments to custom McGill profiles fields on behalf of libraries.
  • Resolving banner update bugs reported in McGill profiles.
  • Modifications to new global search interface.
  • Deployment of new global search interface.
  • Deployment of distributed global navigation.
  • Adjustments to text on Drupal login pages to reduce confusion.
  • An update to WordPress.
  • Featurization of basic content types for D7.
  • Deployment of refactored homepage slideshow.
  • CSS bug in Bio presentation for Channels.
  • Code review for our partners in DAR.
  • Update to modernizr module.
  • Featurization of WYSIWYG config for D7.
  • Deployment of channels integration for
  • Deployment of views 3 and related development.
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