Iteration 29

Iteration 29 is currently underway and will run from June 17th to July 10th.

This is our first iteration devoted primarily to the new Drupal 7 upgrade project.  Drupal 7 work undertaken includes:

  • Upgrading our servers to a new version of PHP.
  • Google analytics¬†integration.
  • Upgrading a number of custom modules to D7 including emergency messaging, status, menu control, multisite and the creation of a new module combining JS and CSS from a number of sources previously found in d6.
  • Testing and deploying a number of modules contributed by the Drupal community including modernizr, internationalization, secure pages, masquerade, login toboggan, quick tabs, scheduler, better exposed filters, custom breadcrumbs, block class, lightbox 2, redirect, localization update, webform, webform validation and advagg.
  • Updating our standard Moriarty theme to work with Drupal 7.
  • Setting up infrastructure that allows us to utilize automated test-driven development in D7.
  • Setting up infrastructure for D7 training sites.

Additionally, we will be doing a limited amount of Drupal 6 work including:

  • ¬†Finalizing improved search.
  • A revised interface for important dates content.
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