Iteration 30

Iteration 30 is currently underway and will run from July 15th to August 8th.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Integration testing of the Drupal 7 version of the Moriarty theme.
  • Research into appropriate options for SOLR search, social media and google maps API handling in Drupal 7.
  • Porting of the following custom modules: mcgill_featured_content, mcgill_homepage_menu_monitor, mcgill, newsroom_promoted, mentoring_tools, alias hierarchy, twitter_pull and mcgill_locations.
  • Testing of the following contributed modules: views_autocomplete_filters, webform_validation, transliteration, services, views_content_cache, linkchecker, spamspan, pathologic, honeypot, l10n client. nodeformsettings, node_clone and theme_key.
  • Styling and JS for a D2L login page.
  • Renaming the ‘annotation’ field to ‘notes’ in the page content type.
  • Featurization of workbench moderation to handle drafts in D7.
  • The creation of a new restricted page content type.
  • Initial steps towards setting up a D7 development environment for external developers.

Drupal 6 work includes:

  • Outstanding bugs in the new global search interface.
  • Adjustments to the new Important Dates interface.
  • Deployment of 3 column global navigation.
  • Fixing a replication bug in global navigation.
  • Adjustments to imported channels content on AOC.
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