Iteration 33

We’ve just begun work on iteration 33 which will run from September 23rd until October 10th.

  • Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:
  • A solution for SSL/HTTPS handling.
  • A prototype of a revised solution for creating megamenu, footer and quicklink menus.
  • The removal of media WYSIWYG integration for restricted page and channels content types.
  • Porting the aoc_views, mcgill_arts_internship, ar_Course_approval modules and the bulk of the McGill Channels system into D7.
  • Testing the conditional_fields module in D7.
  • Fixes for WYSIWYG template features integration.
  • Migration tools and tokenization ¬†for public and private files.
  • Integrating recent DWH changes into mcgill_locaton module.
  • Integrating media-nivo-slider as a replacement for fancy slide.
  • Work with the Drupal community to address outstanding issues with the new media module alpha release.
  • A replacement solution for /maps.
  • Improved user feedback when non-restricted pages are moved beneath restricted pages.
  • Adjustments to new homepage switching process.

Drupal 6 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Switching the the theme on /community.
  • Additional search fixes and testing.
  • Deployment of new important dates interface.
  • Moving music ‘bios’ into mcgill_profiles.
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