Iteration 34

We’ve just begun work on iteration 34 which will run from October 13th until October 31st.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • a bugfix for channels timezone handling.
  • appropriate date styles for channels events.
  • a module that allows restricted page functionality to be turned on or off for certain sites.
  • ensuring that restricted pages and regular pages all have menu items associated with them.
  • a styling issue with language negotiation.
  • converting several channels sub-modules to Drupal 7.
  • final setup for D7 training sites.
  • the creation of several D7 QA sites for use in UAT.
  • migration tools for blocks, webforms and arts internships data.
  • creating a McGill RAS module to give RAS users greater autonomy on D7 development sites.
  • adding features integration to media-nivo-slider module.
  • ensuring that a home link is created for all new Drupal sites.
  • updating quicktabs and spamspan modules.
  • converting AOC’s McGill Winners application to D7.
  • porting the mcgill_caps application to d7.
  • adding shared secret support to mcgill_commerce.
  • fixing an error that occurs when modules are installed in D7.
  • fix a conflict between masquerade and logout_toboggan modules.
  • address simpletest failures within mcgill_assets module.
  • provide libraries staff with access to the new remote application server.
  • additional controls related to home page menu links.
  • addressing a warning message in menu_control_perms.
  • creation of appropriate themes for nivo-slider.
  • Featurization of nivo-slider config.

Drupal 6 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • the creation or promotion of several staging sites.
  • ensuring that site managers see appropriate tabs in search.
  • code review for our partners in libraries.
  • fixing bad publication dates on a few channels items.
  • additional translation for the new search interface.
  • fixing a validation error with the new search UI.
  • removing extraneous function calls related to search.
  • additional testing of the new search interface.
  • deployment of the new search interface.
  • deployment of the new important dates interface.

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