Iteration 35

We’ve just begun work on iteration 35 which will run from November 4th until November 21st.

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Finalization and testing of D7 Channels
  • User interfaces and results pages for McGill Profiles display tools
  • Migration tools for revisions, galleries, slideshows and aggregator blocks.
  • Adjustments to site manager and site editor user experience.
  • Replicating new D6 search UI in D7.
  • Workbench access control.
  • A private files component for webforms.
  • Finding an appropriate solution for breadcrumbs in D7.
  • Evaluation of Global Health module ported to D7 by UCLA.
  • Adjustments and UX tweaks for slideshows.

Drupal 6 work undertaken this iteration includes:

  • Deployment of new search interface.
  • Review and deployment of revised applying tool application provided by external vendor.



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