Iteration 37

We’ve just began work on iteration 37 which runs from December 16th until January 16th.

Drupal 6 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Production deployment of staging sites for /applying and /student-health.
  • A fresh import of important dates data for our partners in Enrolment Services.
  • A bug fix for the date-picker used in home page date creation

Drupal 7 work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • A bug fix for features integration in block access module.
  • Caching adjustments for D7 search.
  • Fixing an issue with install hooks not firing on site creation.
  • Migration of internationalization data for menu content.
  • Additional work to migrate revisions.
  • Additional work to tokenize media upon migration.
  • Final featurization of media handling configuration.
  • Fixing a bug that causes duplicate document links to appear in WYSIWYG content.
  • Appropriate overflow styles for horizontal menu content.
  • Updating our site creation script to work with D7.
  • Porting the AOC login module.
  • A migration tool for custom AOC content.
  • Pushing our updated D7 code base onto production servers.
  • A migration tool for channels content.
  • General integration testing for channels.
  • Additional automated testing for channels.
  • Porting the Channels Import module.
  • Channels QA deployment.
  • Porting list pages to D7.
  • A migration tool for list page content.
  • Styling of building content.
  • Automation of the site migration process.

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