Iteration 40

We’ve just began work on iteration 40 which runs from March 3rd until March 21st.

Work undertaken in this iteration includes:

  • Addressing a number of bugs in our site migration process including:
    • Issues with image migrations on restricted pages.
    • Images sized incorrectly in edge case scenarios.
    • Blocks data being migrated incorrectly.
    • Verification of a recent fix for migrated images that are missing altogether.
    • Missing image captions.
    • Input format alerts on markup components in webforms.
  • A bug that prevented menus from updating immediately to reflect changes implemented by site managers.
  • A bug that prevent the drag-and-drop block admin interface from behaving predictably.
  • A review of D7 code provided by our partners in libraries.
  • A review of D7 code for eCal deliverables provided by a vendor.
  • A review of D7 code related to a special project undertaken by a vendor on behalf of DAR.
  • A data migration solution for private files uploaded to webforms.
  • A bug that causes errors within Search API.
  • Creation of  a multisite module that allows support staff to perform a number of automated tasks on production websites.
  • Applying a workaround fix to the D6 eCalendar.
  • Fixing AD mappings for D7 training sites.
  • PRoviding return paths for site maintenance links.
  • A number of Channels issues and tasks including:
    • style problems with channels blocks.
    • bad links for Channels RSS
    • issues with D7 channels items causing duplicate locations to be created on the D6 channels hub.
    • Adding the channels_filter_short_tag to our input format
    • Fixing a fatal error that occurs when the channels view more link is clicked.
    • Fixing issues with block_access module.
    • Ensuring that all day D7 events do not become midnight events on the D6 hub.

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