Iteration 41

Iteration 41 ran from March 24th until April 10th.

Work undertaken in this iteration included:

  • Outstanding issues with the Channels client system including:
    • Removal of any/any blocks on Drupal 6 sites.
    • Fix for excessive hover-intent calls.
    • Adding proper descriptions to Channels RSS feeds.
    • Channels migration issues with published data overwrites.
    • Adjustments to channels migrations to reflect recent changes to the building content type.
    • Ensuring that Channels video attachments appear for anonymous users.
    • Adjustment of hardcoded categories help text.
    • Style tweaks for channels blocks.
    • Errors encountered when deleting channels items.
    • Import tab altered to allow imports without specified category.
  • Switching inaccessible sites to maintenance mode model.
  • Issues with site migrations including:
    • Localization update errors.
    • Unrestricted landing pages of restricted pages restricted in D7.
    • Custom aliases not migrating properly in all circumstances.
    • Unusual HTML in some migrated blocks.
    • Additional layout issues with images.
    • Universal removal of FLV/SWF references.
    • Menu migration issues on edge case sites.
    • Smaller sized banners not migrated correctly.
    • Incorrect revisions on edge case sites.
  • On this page issues discovered in UAT.
  • Adjustments to work bench file list.
  • Adjustments to taxonomy display for all content types.
  • Custom webform component for convocation project.
  • D6 banner image problems on /study.
  • Adjustments to custom views for D6 music.
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