Iteration 42

Iteration 42 ran from April 14th until April 30th.

Work undertaken in this iteration included:

  • a review of deliverables for the upcoming RVH deployment.
  • additional review of deliverables related to the seeds of change project.
  • removal of WYSIWYG constraints preventing table, strike through and underline styles from working correctly.
  • additional fixes for image alignment within the WYSIWYG itself.
  • Removal of google tab in block config.
  • fix for zoom-shifting sidebar.
  • replacement of deprecated function in courses module.
  • fix for footer menu migration.
  • adjustment of relative link behaviour.
  • migration for secondary header images.
  • review of deliverables for new AOC theme.
  • channels block errors.
  • channels taxonomy styles and markup.
  • country display for channels events.
  • channels SQL refactoring.
  • bug fix for missing maps content.

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