Iteration 43

Iteration 43 will run from May 5th until May 22nd.

Work undertaken in Iteration 43 includes:

  • deployment of the seedsofchange website.
  • improvement of migration error reporting.
  • code review of custom library migration code.
  • a sectional navigation solution for D7.
  • On this page block access configuration.
  • Permission adjustments for CCS support staff.
  • Separation of style and size in WYSIWYG image handling.
  • removal of migrated summary fields/
  • finalization of file translation configuration.
  • additional development related to upcoming /mentoring deployment.
  • improved handling for image captions.
  • taxonomy handling for files.
  • fix for channels audience taxonomy.
  • removal of double header on maintenance pages.
  • verification of pathologic domain handling.
  • migration fix for slideshow block titles.
  • file migration fixes for webforms, channels items and private files.
  • improved publishing options for channels content types.
  • padding and margin tweaks related to column content in the moriarty theme.
  • replacement of removed file description field.
  • deployment of RVH deliverable.

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