Iteration 45

Iteration 45 will run from June 16th until July 11th.

Work undertaken includes:

  • view more styles for channels blocks.
  • Image handling in migrations
  • Work bench handling of unpublished pages
  • File handling for restricted pages
  • Testing for Channels
  • Deploy better mobile menus
  • Implement GSA self scorer
  • UAT for Maps
  • Module updates
  • d6-d7 Migrations
  • Site creation on RAS

Iteration 44

Iteration 44 will run from May 26th until June 12th.

Work undertaken in Iteration 44 includes:

  • fixes for a few channels issues:
    • styling for contact information.
    • validation fixes for channels block iCal feeds.
    • taxonomy standardization
    • view more styles for channels blocks.
  • sectional distinction edge case fixes.
  • exporting /mentoring data to CSV.
  • deployment of ¬†webform link and webform submission reference.
  • migration fixes including:
    • block titles in block description fields.
    • redundant function calls.
    • redundant locations include in mcgill_migrate and mcgill_channels modules.
    • image caption display.
    • additional image alignment issues.
  • removal of file aliases.
  • improvements to gallery moderation states.
  • Permission fixes for site manager read only access.
  • Testing of BMC connector search module.
  • Menu overflow style issues.
  • Export of important dates data to CSV file.
  • Deployment of Seeds of Change bug fixes.
  • Password resets related to heartbleed.
  • Visual indicator fix for tables in WYSIWYG.
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