Iteration 55

Iteration 55 will run from Feb 23rd until Mar 13th.

Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
As a Visitor I can find Profiles by last name Not Finished: Bigger than planned 2  2
ECAL: D7 initial setup 5 5
HR: D6 -> D7 Jobposting 5.5  5.5
Profile Release 1.1 10  10
Redirects forgot password link Finished 2 2
Maps responsive bugs removed 2 0
Investigation: Enhanced block styling removed 3 0


Un-planned Impediments Type Points
Webservices down (provides data for testing) Blocking N/A
External Developer Conflicts Interruption 2
D7 upgrade Lessons learned Interruption
RVH content changes Interruption 1
ECAL 2015: launch support Interruption 2


Progress Chart

Developer days : 61/75 (full development team over 3 weeks)


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