Iteration 57

Iteration 57 will run from April 9th until May 1st.

Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
ECal to D7 33  27
Site upgrades 8  3
Unique block styling Bigger than planned 3
Profiles Alpha sorting 1  1
Site titles on mobile display when text titles are removed from banner 2  2
Images are responsive on mobile 2  2
Video player alternative 3  3
Search results display full nodes for certain content 1  1
Pagination for McGill Reporter 2  2


Un-planned Impediments Type Points
Undergraduate block config links  Interruption  1
Undergraduate Full html  Interruption  2
 Code review /Giving  Interruption  1


Progress Chart

Developer days : 60/75 (full development team over 3 weeks)


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