Iteration 60

Iteration 60 will have a focus on Undergraduate-admissions website will run from June 15th until July 5th.

Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
Site upgrades 6  4
 UG: fix mobile presentation of menu  Completed  2  2
 Allow optional search block on profiles list page  3
 UG: Menu Spacing is off/language toggle missing   Completed  2  2
 UG: Need space/buffer between columns (optionally)   Completed  1  1
 UG : Mobile design review   Completed  3  3
  UG: Issues with blank content when you adjust your screen size   Completed  3  3
  UG: Search on mobile   Completed  3  3
  UG: manage blocks on mobile   Completed  1  1
 URL change   Completed  5  5
 Styling on important dates   Completed  2  2
 UG padding on headers is too high   Completed  1  1
 UG: Border underneath block should be gray instead of black  Replaced with higher priority ticket  .5
 UG clean up front-end css etc  Completed  1  1
 Add translation for D7 /maps   Completed  3  3
 Profiles: Allow customization for profiles list title investigation  2
 UG: Adjust images for mobile   Completed  2  2
 UG: Social Media item repetition   Replaced with higher priority ticket  2
 UG: Expandable footer menu has inconsistent sizing   Replaced with higher priority ticket  2
 UG: Button Chip issue   Replaced with higher priority ticket  .5
 UG: Footers items don’t appear to be able to have subpages   Replaced with higher priority ticket  2
 UG: Banner block   Replaced with higher priority ticket  3
 UG: Photos align inconsistently   Completed  2  2
 UG: Pinwheel layout   Completed  2  2
 UG: Install Facebook tracking code  1
 UG: Adjust top Padding on custom blocks   Completed  1  1


Un-planned Impediments Type Points


Progress Chart

Developer days : TBD/53 (full development team over 3 weeks)


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