Iteration 61

Iteration 61 will run from July 9th until August 3rd.

Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
UG Menu Spacing Completed 2 2
 UG: Infographic visible on mobile  Completed  1  1
 UG: Footer is cut off  Completed  1  1
 UG: removing Building and fireworks below 800px*600px  Completed  1  1
 UG: menu going to next line too early (1180px)  Completed  1  1
migrate /history to D7 (Due date: July 14) Completed 1 1
UG: social media repetition Completed 2 2
UG: Footer/Main menu not editable Completed 2 2
Deployment plan for homepage Removed 3
Rename /painlab to /rds-painlab Completed 2 2
Homepage blocks Removed 2
reporting functionality for commerce sites Completed 3 3
Channels video field fails Completed 3 3
eCal: Syndicated Content Caching Completed 2 2
migrate /community to D7 1
GSA feed mcgill_knowledgebase fails in error Removed 2
Migrate /continuingstudies: internal links that begin with “/continuingstudies” do not resolve Not completed 2
Fix D7 Service Status block issues on /it Completed 2 2
Give basic media perms to authenticated user 2
McGill Profiles: Field text does not float around Profile Image and vice versa. 1
Follow icon for McGill Publications displays inconsistently Completed 1 1
HR : Tab view Completed 2 2
HR: Find Another Banner Position Code should be empty after submit Completed 1 1
HR: fields auto populate 2
HR: modifications to fields are not reflected 2
HR: Sessional date field changed to text field Completed 2 2
Channels Summary missing from D7 Channels Items Completed 2 2
Ecal Web service 2
On this page block disappears on training sites 10-19 & other site 2
Configuration of Restricted Access role not allowing access Completed 2 2


Progress Chart

Developer days : TBD/64 (full development team during iteration)


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