Iteration I62

Iteration 62 will run from August 3rd until August 27th. Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
Migration continuing studies 2
 migrate /community to D7  bigger than planned  3  
 Migrate Law ecommerce sites to D7    1  1
 migrate /macdonald ecommerce site to D7    1  1
 Usability Testing: Profiles Site Managers    5  5
Usability Testing: Profiles Visitors 5 5
UG: Maps IMG not displaying on French : new 1 1
UG: Translations not updating on staging 1 1
Course codes not hyperlinked since /study/2010-2011 3 3
Graduate program filters on /study/2014-2015 Removed 2
Twitter for D7 bigger than planned 5
Add line breaks in D7 megamenu column items 1 1
migrate /it to D7 (to staging on august 12th) 2 2
D7 Big Menu disables menu items and their actual state is reflected inaccurately in the menu structure 2 2
Upgrade Google Analytics 1 1
eCal short tags do not render in List Page content on D7 /gradapplicants 2 2
HR: fields auto populate bigger than planned 2
HR: modifications to fields are not reflected 2 2
Channels Summary missing from D7 Channels Items 2 2
mcgill_hr_job_posting_admin_pos content type cannot be translated 2 2
On this page block disappears on training sites 10-19 & other sites 2 2
UG: Event translated content unplanned 5 5
UG: Maps IMG not displaying on French unplanned 1 1


Progress Chart

Developer days : TBD/64 (full development team during iteration)  

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