Iteration 64

Iteration 64 will run from September 22nd until October 12th. Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
Module updates 3
Homepage Migration 7
Ecal 26
HR Job posting 10.5
Twitter block 5
New theme option for slideshow 2
Applying completed 3 3
Service Status block can be updated if scheduled maintenance is in effect 2
Commerce solution enhancements 4
Styling of Talisma Search block 2


Progress Chart

Developer days : TBD/64 (full development team during iteration)  

Iteration 63

Iteration 63 will run from August 31st until September 18th. Work undertaken includes:

Story Result Points Planned Points Earned
Migrations homepage 1
Migrate site to D7 2 2
Migrate /community to D7 2 2
Correct answers in /procurement custom PCard webform 1 1
Update link within email message for /procurement custom PCard webform 1 1
Allow Store Manager to configure commerce email notification rule 1 1
module updates 1 1
Upload MATLAB .m files 1 1
 Update wysiwyg  3
 Hr job posting: Fields need to auto populate  2  2
 Update webform  2  2
 Applying tool translations for taxonomy  2
Ecal test migrations 5
HR: Automated testing 5  5
Select Options type component value cannot be added as an email in webform email settings on /it 2
Twitter for D7 5
Ecal: Test and adapt build system for future /study sites 3
Investigate: Google tag manager 3  3
Frontend framework: technical  removed 5
Profiles display translated French field labels 1  1
Update translations server 1  1
Rename site /newstudents to /accepted
Applying tool: invalid selection/no results text 1
Slideshow: Make Desautels Slideshow available to other sites 2


Progress Chart

Developer days : 38/64 (full development team during iteration)  

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