Iteration 70

Iteration 70 will run from January 25th to February 12th. Work undertaken in this iteration includes:

summary type sp status
Graduate program filters on /study/2014-2015 bug 2  completed
Org chart application enhancement/new feature 3  bigger than planned
ORG CHART: backend enhancement/new feature 2  completed
eCal: Site Manager cannot add menu links directly to structure in D7 bug 1  completed
eCal: Faculty content type does not display under Add Content in D7 bug 1  completed
D7 HR: path changes and menu disappears when viewing sub-groups in role profile apps bug 2  completed
D7 HR: Remove unwanted styling from salary scales app views bug 1  completed
D7 HR: Job Posting tabs overlap on mobile bug 1  completed
eCals: submitting the import form redirects to 404 page bug 0.5  completed
eCal: Department, Level missing from course search results bug 2  completed
eCal: Level, Degree missing from program search results bug 2  completed
ECal: Filter by Term ordering bug 2  completed
ECal: Academic unit – Merging terms bug 3  waiting client feedback
Invalid breadcrumbs on study program pages bug 2  completed
Content omitted from eCal syndicated programs bug 2  completed
Update block_class module security update 1  completed
Enable Profiles on all sites support task 1  completed
Banner-imported profiles not displaying Phone field bug 2  completed
Deploy 2009 study site support task 2  completed
Update views_bulk_operations security update 1  completed
Search: spell check displayed on no results enhancement/new feature 1  completed
Videos do not play on mobile devices bug 2  completed
CaPS view displays identical items multiple times bug 1  completed
eCal: Change styling of <sl> elements bug 0.5  completed
eCal: Reinstate styling for <note> elements bug 1  completed
Search : Remove older course and programs from search index support task 1  completed
Search: Courses and Programs highlighted in search results enhancement/new feature 3  completed
Images in ‘Profile Grid’ block not randomizing on /teachingsnapshots bug 1  completed
Remove ‘Add to calendar’ from Channels news bug 1  completed
Exclude title from display fails for Anonymous users bug 1  completed
Header alternatives support task 2  removed
Trac Organization support task  removed
Beta tester signifier enhancement/new feature 1  removed
Remove events rss feeds from all site bug 1  completed

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