New slideshow option : Side Caption Thumbnail – Alt

Side Caption Thumbnail – Alt

A new slideshow option available in your gallery content type which will display similarly to frontpage slideshow.

Site manager access needed.

Profiles Release 7.1

=== 7.1 ===
* Bug fixes
* McGill authenticated Self-authorship edit-mode and admin toggle
* Glossary facet (with enable/disable toggle)
* Banner update specific bug fixes (i.e. email)
* Optional ‘/people’ menu item (disabled by default)

==== Known Issues ====
* Profiles alpha ordering only respects first character
* Profile last names have spaces at the end
* McGill Profiles: Program field is not editable
* No publishing options for profiles nodes – (but profiles are published on default)
* Enabling middle name doesn’t show it on profile node view
* Facet block for gender not showing
* If banner update is turned off for the Last Name field, it still gets populated on import.

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