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Articles are now beta than evah

The new Article content type is in production and is now available exclusively for Beta Testers to use. Articles can be used to quickly create attractive, well-focused content like news stories, magazine-style articles or blog-like entries that do not necessarily need to be placed in the menu system. Unlike Basic Pages, Articles do not have revisions but can still be […]

Featured website: Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance

Since the release of the new template blocks, a number of McGill sites have undergone a layout refresh resulting in improved scannability and visual impact. We picked the latest website to get a facelift, the Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, to be January’s website of the month. Home page: After The site had […]

A New Year’s resolution you can stick to? Site content auditing!

Ready or not, it’s a new year and that means new resolutions to get fit, get organized, and get healthy! That goes for websites too. Making sure that your website’s content is robust and in good shape will drive the right kind of traffic to your site. What better way to start the year fresh […]

Engineering a better website for the Faculty of Engineering

What do coffee, the Schulich Library and McGill’s Web Management System (WMS) have in common? If you stopped by the Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering during the December exam period, you might say plenty! We spent the morning of December 8 with the Faculty of Engineering’s site manager in the building lobby […]

Iteration 85

Iteration 85 will run from Jan 5th until Jan 23rd. Work undertaken includes: Highlights include: Updating WordPress (BETA) Article content in the WMS summary type priority milestone Pts status Configure new drupalnodes bug highest Infra Evergreening 7.1 1 iteration_backlog Set up Jira project with ISR bug highest Jira 1 assigned Fix column template styles so […]

Top 10 WMS updates released in 2016

2016 was a big year for WMS improvements! By the close of the year, WMS sites sported a notably different look and feel. Additionally, new tools such as McGill Profiles, and the new template blocks introduced enhanced functionality improving McGill’s web experience for both visitors, and web managers and editors alike. Check out our picks […]

Watch now! WMS Powertools presentation video

We had a great turnout at the Web Service Group’s December 2016 special presentation where we showcased some of the powerful tools in the Web Management System — tools that allow you to create dynamic websites easily and effectively. Thanks to all the site managers and editors who came and learned how to harness the power of the […]

Iteration 84

Iteration 84 will run from Dec 6th until Dec 23rd. Work undertaken includes: Highlights include: Launch the new Header Article content in the WMS summary type priority milestone pts status Site config in apache removed when sites deleted in multisite bug highest Orchestration 0.5 closed Update Drupal to 7.52 security update highest Infrastructure 7.1 1 […]

Power Tools in the WMS: Presentation resources

A big thank you to all who attended our second WMS presentation of 2016, “Power Tools: Work smarter not harder”. Resources related to the presentation can be found below. See you at our next presentation in the new year! WMS Powertools presentation slides (PDF, 24MB) IT Knowledge Base articles Add, Edit and Manage Footer content […]

WMS tips for alpha site managers: Enter the matrix

Introducing the newest WMS webform component, the Matrix. This aptly named component can be used to create a matrix of form elements that can include textfields, select options, labels, and/or dates. The matrix component is useful if you’re looking for a way to group multiple, related fields on a webform. For detailed instructions on how […]

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