#4 SIS Kids Are Doing It For Themselves: Meet Tarquin/Peter!

1. Name: Tarquin Peter Steiner

2. Year: One.

4. Hometown: Louisville.

3. Stream: Archival Studies.

5. What is your favorite book?Let’s Kill Uncle” made me obsessed with making friends with a cougar until I was 15.

6. Do you own an eReader? I do, and it’s great. Completely eliminates book clutter and weight. I once had to pack a trunk full of books onto a pontoon plane headed to Pelican, Alaska, between a garbage bag full of salmon jerky and an unknown squishy plastic thing. Never again.

7. If you weren’t in library school, what would you be doing RIGHT NOW? Probably fishing for halibut in Pelican, Alaska.

8. What is your dream job? Anything where I routinely get to yell “for SCIENCE” shortly before a large explosion.

9. What is your dream sandwich? I once had this sandwich somewhere on the 91 in Vermont that was a whole trucker’s breakfast baked into a Chinese sweet-bun, toast and bacon included.

10. What is your favorite thing about living in Montréal? Nobody judges me when I work in my underwear.

11. Living or dead, who would be at your imaginary potlatch? Doc Emmet Brown, Vincent Price, Guitar Wolf, and Ron Swanson.

One response to “#4 SIS Kids Are Doing It For Themselves: Meet Tarquin/Peter!”

  1. Shanna says:

    You are objectively awesome.

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