#5 SIS Kids Are Doing It For Themselves: Meet Laura!

1. Name: Laura Thérèse Markiewicz (mar-kyAY-vich)

2. Year: MLIS II

3. Stream: KM

4. Hometown: Walpole, New Hampshire.

5. What is your favourite book? Oh dear, just one!? I’m the kind of person who brings all her books with her when she moves so she can have close, familiar friends at hand.

Growing up I loved the Indian in the Cupboard and Ramona books (and looking at the pictures in knitting and cookbooks at the library). Then I discovered historical fiction and devoured Quest for a Maid and Quo Vadis, as well as books like The Penguin Atlas of Diasporas.

And now due to college and grad school, I find myself rejecting books of a serious nature and just going for humour – Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris, Dave Barry and the Yarn Harlot are my favourite authors.

6. Do you own an eReader? If so, is it cool? No, I don’t.

7. If you weren’t in library school, what would you be doing RIGHT NOW? Still working in customer service at YBP Library Services in Contoocook, NH.

8. What is your dream job? Never leaving academia.

9. What is your dream sandwich? Liverwurst and provolone on a kaiser roll, with pickles on the side.

10. What is your favourite thing about living in Montreal? The fact that it is located in Canada.

11. Living or dead, who would be at your imaginary potlatch? Everyone. The OCD side of me is probably what drove me to into knowledge management in the first place: I’m going to get ALL the information out of EVERYONE so NOTHING is lost, EVER!

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