Better Late than Never: An Introduction

August is here and just like every other summer, I now find myself wondering where summer went, when I will ever get accustomed to this humidity, and how I managed to go four months without making a dent in my reading list (Amy Tan’s latest beach read? Check. Cloud Atlas? Not so much).

After a long and well-enjoyed break from SIS, it is now the time of year where we mentally prepare ourselves for school, swap our Birkenstocks for Doc Martins, and get around to finally updating blogs (or is that just me?). My name is Julia Bjerke (MLIS candidate, 2015) and I am happy to be MISSA’s Publications Committee Chairperson this year. While it is my personal goal to post some worthwhile content over the next year, I need your help – and lots of it! Involving SIS students (first-years, second-years, alumni) is the key to making this blog a place where we can share information, network, and help one another get involved in the SIS and greater Information Studies community. Please send any ideas, feedback, and content my way at While I’m thrilled to receive any and all content, I think a great place to start would be hearing about some of your summer job (or intern/volunteer/vacation/staycation) experiences. This was done a few years ago on the blog (check the archives!) and I found it really interesting. So, send away to

See you at the introduction program (I know I’ll be there – I hear there will be some tasty treats!)

Summer in the City

Flip, Montreal is hot in July. While some of my American pals are celebrating their Independence with hot dogs and sparklers in Parc La Fontaine (how very American!), I am baking in my apartment and pondering my own independence — from library school, that is. July has arrived and the luxuriously long summer break is half over.

So, it seems high time that I get this blog rolling again. At the very least, I should introduce myself. My name is Emily Upper (Librarianship, ’12) and I am MLISSA’s Publications Committee Chairperson for the upcoming school year (2011-2012). This means that I am going to be administering this blog. So if you have any ideas, spare time to help out, content, feedback, etc. please, please, please feel free to email me at It is my hope to make this blog a visible, well-used channel through which us SIS kids can share ideas and get to know one another. And I mean all SIS kids — past, present, and future!

To this end, I’m going to need your help. Right now I am looking for some contributions vis-a-vis your summer library adventures. Yes, you. I know a lot of people are off doing interesting things and I, for one, would love to hear from them. (So what if the old “What I did on my summer vacation…” essay is lame? This is my first post. And, anyway, we all love to toot our own horns. So toot with me, guys.)

Are you working in a library (or “Information Centre”) this summer?

Yes, I am! Great! Tell me about it!

No, I am not! Terrific! But you’ve probably visited a library (or “Information Centre”) this summer, right? Was it a good experience? Did you find what you were looking for easy-peasy? Good read? Meh? Is there anymore to this story? No? Actually, then maybe don’t contribute it.

I did not visit a library (or “Information Centre”) this summer. Maybe you’ve used Google+ and have an interesting opinion about that? No? Do you like crafts, baking or Dr. Who? No? Get out!

Right. Send your stuff to

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