Clinical study on-site visit: How can applied mathematics help insulin-dependent diabetics?

Institut de la Recherche Clinique à Montreal, 10-14h, October 12, 2011


Hi everybody, we are proud to announce the upcoming CAMBAM student event.

Ahmad, a very energetic PhD student, works on a challenging project: a control algorithm for fully automated administration of insulin in type 1 diabetic patients. After visiting him and his great team in the Institut de la Recherche Clinique à Montreal, we invite you to come as well.

Applied Mathematics gone all the way to medical devices, individual patient modelling, and clinical testing? Come and see yourself…click here to see the details:


Lennart for students.CAMBAM


!!Confirm participation by Monday, October 10!!

We need your name for IRCM security, also we have a limited capacity. Send a quick e-mail to Frederic[dot]Simard[at] for confirmation. Participation is free, lunch is provided by us.



10:00-10:15 Meeting at IRCM lobby, Avenue des Pins 110 West.
Latest entry through security 10:15. Seriously, be on time.

10:30-12:00 Ahmad Haidar: Automated regulation of glucose levels in type 1 diabetes: clinical and computer-simulation trials
At the moment, insulin-dependent patients administer their own insulin doses. This can be dangerous at night time during sleep and interferes with physical exercise. An insulin pump that intelligently responds to measurements of a blood sugar sensor can help in both cases – but requires a robust control algorithm connecting glucose sensor and pump infusion rate. We use physiological models, advanced parameter estimation techniques, and computer simulations to develop and pre-test dosing algorithms. Closely monitored clinical studies with exercise are then used to test the algorithms in actual diabetic patients. In this session I will introduce our project and then explain our modelling techniques in more detail. Questions and discussion are welcome in this session and of course over lunch.

12:00-13:00 Group lunch, provided at IRCM, vegetarian available

13:00-14:00 Tour of the clinical testing facilities, demonstration of devices

Pressed for time? Just leave during/after lunch.

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