Congratulation to one of our own!

On behalf of CAMBAM, I wish to congratulate one of our members, Alan Schoen, for having accepted a thrilling job with QLAYM, an artificial intelligence company based in Germany.

For those who remember, Alan presented us his project of a software devoted to toads identification by applying pattern recognition and categorization techniques over the shape and location of the warts located on their back. It was in December. Since then, our friend graduated from his masters in Neuroscience and was on the look for career opportunities.

QLAYM is a company specialized in intelligent data analysis. Their mission is to help companies find solutions to unsolved problems or improve design related to industrial processes, functional molecules, economics or any other challenge that involves a large ensemble of data. They came to present their product in a CAMBAM sponsored event that took place in November.

It is after a global call for recruits from QLAYM that Alan decided to tempt his chance. It didn’t took much time for QLAYM to recognize the potential of our colleague. Alan will be a scientist in their artificial intelligence division. His  aptitude in research, his programming skills in C++ and his motivation at undertaking large projects made him highly desirable for this company.

Alan, your story is for us a source of encouragement and serves us as an example of what we can expect once we will have completed our degree. We wish that you will have a great time working at QLAYM and that you will excel at your new profession.

From all CAMBAM, Congratulation!!! and may this new life fill in all your desires.

PS: Alan also indicated me that QLAYM is still on the search for recruits. Make up your chance and contact CAMBAM if you want more information.

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