Retrospective and Going Forward: Some Thoughts

We recently decided to each post a few thoughts looking back on our experiences as a member of the organising team for the student group of CAMBAM. So here is the first of four parts to give you an idea of where we all started from and where we each of us see the future.

I got involved with the CAMBAM student group after attending a ‘seminar’ given by Dr. Michael Mackey this fall and being introduced to Lennart. I used quotes around seminar to indicate that this word does not truly exemplify the atmosphere of the meeting. Everyone was welcome to interrupt and ask for clarifications and to offer some advice from their field and similar problems they have worked on. I left feeling intellectually satisfied. And it must have shown as Lennart contacted me about joining up to organise a workshop at l’Université de Montréal, the university where I have begun my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

A meeting with Tom and Lennart highlighted the foundations of our CAMBAM student group. Completely informal, very inviting, friendly and most of all interesting. The day of the workshop at UdeM was no different. It was a sharing opportunity between McGill and UdeM students with methods sessions describing useful software (which fostered fascinating discussions between the participants as we all have our own tricks of the trade) and introduced most of us to some of the neurology research happening at the Physiology department at McGill.

Since that workshop, I have weaselled my way in with Lennart, Tom and Fred on the CAMBAM student organising team. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to be part of such a group and I look forward to the next couple of years. Being part of a dynamic and excited group of individuals who like to talk science and share ideas is refreshing, as are the discussions and presentations coming up in the near future. Research is challenging and can sometimes feel frustrating but finding commonalities with other students, regardless of our respective fields, and sharing our experiences and thoughts will only strengthen the work we do as our careers progress. Ultimately, for me the CAMBAM student group is about opening the lines of communication and exploring different avenues to arrive at our shared goals of advancing scientific thought. For these reasons I am excited to explore my newfound role with the guys who have already contributed so much to the cause.


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