Here’s my little story about how I got involved in CAMBAM. I have joined CAMBAM somewhere around June last year. At the time, I was interested in knowing more about non-linear dynamics, dynamical system theory and their applications, because I had ran into some papers analysing neural networks behavior with these tools. I thought that hanging with the people who play with these mathematics on a daily basis would be helpful and informative. What I found is a group of motivated students, organizing by themselves and for themselves seminars, workshops and other activities. I had never been involved in any extracurricular committee before and I thought that now that I was in grad school, maybe it was time to give it a try. With CAMBAM, I try to develop qualities and skills that are handy for my daily business in my lab, but also for my future. As some of you know, my goal is to start a business in the field of artificial intelligence. A successful businessman is, I believe, someone who has and can make contacts, has good organizational skills, leadership and a sense for marketing. CAMBAM gives me the occasion to experiment with these concepts, to try and to succeed, to try and to fail, but every time to learn a bit more. CAMBAM is not only for professional reasons. With the other guys: Lennart, Thomas, Morgan, but also Alan, Adam, Greg and all other good fellows that join us, it is an occasion to gather together and do science in its purest form, that is: for fun. So, over the last year with them, I saw an organization, in which I participated in, grow and assemble together cool kids for the good and the fun of science. I cannot express how rewarding it is for me to be part of this organization and I’m looking forward to having more good time with all of you.

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