Workshop June 22, 2012

On June 22, 2012 from 10h-16h in McIntyre Medical Building, room 1101 the CAMBAM Student Chapter will be holding a workshop given by Gabriel Provencher-Langlois and Namdar Homayunfar. Gabriel will talk about Geometric Singular Perturbations and Namdar will present Bifurcation Analysis of DDEs (please see abstracts below).

From 10h-12h, each will host a workshop
A light lunch will be provided from 12h-13h (please let us know if you have any particular food concerns)
The day will conclude with another workshop from both Gabriel and Namdar

Hope to see everyone there!

Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory, with applications to problems in Biology and Physiology

Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory is a perturbation technique that is very useful in the study of dynamical systems with two (or more) distinct time scales. I will give a brief introduction to this topic and present some of its main results and techniques. I will illustrate these with examples from biology and physiology.

Bifurcation Analysis of Delay Differential Equations using the Matlab package DDE-BIFTOOL

Delay Differential Equations are a certain class of differential equations in which the rate of change of a system depends not only on its current state, which is the case for ordinary differential equations, but also on its state in the past. These equations arise naturally when modeling various biological and physical phenomena and provide a glimpse of the often complex and chaotic dynamics of such systems. In this method session, I will give a brief introduction on Delay Differential Equations and present a short demo on the Matlab package DDE-BIFTOOL which is used for bifurcation analysis of such equations. The package could be downloaded for free from:

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