Bart Borek: Note on 2012 q-Bio Conference

Posted on behalf of Bartłomiej Borek, at the Biocircuits Institute, University of California, San Diego since Oct. 1, 2012


I am writing this to share my experience of the 2012 q-Bio Conference, and to thank CAMBAM and its people for helping me get there.

After choosing a conference that had some of what I knew, and some of what I wanted get into, I utilized some handy conference preparation tips to try to make the most of it. The great weather, approachable people, and broad range of fascinating topics made for a very stimulating environment. I met my current postdoc advisor there. All in all, I would highly recommend this conference to researchers (at any level) interested in quantitative biology.

I am very grateful to my graduate advisors for their support, to members of CAMBAM and McGill’s Department of Physiology for their training and friendship through the years, and for the CAMBAM Travel Award that enabled this extremely fulfilling experience.



To find out more about Bartek’s new home institutions, you can visit: San Diego Centre for Systems Biology Biocircuits Institute Biodynamics Lab

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