CAMBAM Student Seminar-Winter 2018 Edition

The schedule for the student seminar is (approximately) set. Seminars will take place between 4-5 PM in Burnside Hall 1120. There are still slots available- if you’re interested in speaking, contact me at tyler.cassidy [at]

January 24: Tyler/Yujing: Tyler spoke about a distributed delay differential equation to model tumour cell growth and the impact of immunosurveillance on tumour growth.

January 31: Ana/Russell: Ana spoke about a paper discussing bacteria growth in “Mars”-like conditions

February 21: Russell/Ana: Russell gave a series of 15 minute synoposi of his work throughout his time at McGill! Good luck in your doctoral program!

February 28: Laurent/

March 21; Sofia+Yujing/ Ana

March 28: Yujing/Tyler: Yujing presented a paper exploring the migration of salmonella bacteria into macrophages

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