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Morgan Craig

Hi, I’m Morgan Craig. I am a doctoral candidate at l’Université de Montréal in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  I am a mathematician working on the co-administration of exogenous cytokines during anti-cancer treatments to lessen unwanted hematopoietic effects of chemotherapy. Broadly speaking, my research is mathematical biology; I construct mathematical models and use numerical simulation and mathematical analysis to study the system’s behaviour. I have a M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Manitoba where I studied the magnitude of random effects on the in vitro polymerisation of intermediate filaments in the cell’s cytoskeleton. In non-research time, I ride and think about bikes (this happens in research time as well, let’s be honest), run, do yoga, cross-country ski and snowshoe, and go canoeing in the woods. If you need to contact me you can do it here.

Frédéric Simard

Hello there, I am Frédéric Simard, but call me Fred. I am a PhD student in the department of physiology of McGill University. I am a student of Sam Musallam and work for the Neural Prosthetics Lab. I have a background in electrical engineering and graduated from École de Technologie Supérieure, in Montréal. My research interest resides in the mechanisms of plasticity and learning at work in the brain and how they could be used to improve information representation in a neural population recorded by a brain-machine interface. My work involves the development of neural network simulations aimed at fitting data obtained from experiments along with the realization of these experiments. Besides the design of neural network models, I am also interested in their software/hardware realization and am familiar with technologies such as multi-core processors, FPGAs and GPUs. When not seeking for knowledge, I spend my time doing sports (Basketball, Softball, Snowboard), watching Kung Fu movies, partying Irish style and LMAO. See you around!



Thomas Quail

Hi, my name is Thomas Quail. I’m a Master’s student in the department of physiology at McGill university — I work with Professor Leon Glass on problems in theoretical biology related to spatially extended gene networks and drug-induced cardiac arrhythmias. I’m originally from Calgary, AB. In 2006, I relocated to Montreal and spent most of the next four years splitting my time between coursework for my B.Sc. and the McGill Tribune, a student newspaper. I also play the violin and the viola, though I’m playing more viola these days. I’m highly caffeinated and am currently sporting a beard. Contact me here.

Lennart Hilbert

Lennart HilbertHi, I am Lennart. I am a molecular physiologist, a theoretical biologist, an applied mathematician, a theoretical physicist, a scientific programmer and a medical researcher. Wait, actually, I am none of that. No one person could possibly be all that, and frankly, it doesn’t matter! It only matters if you have a good question, an idea of the answer, and tools (or friends with tools) to test that idea.

Some background info: Born and raised in small town Germany, I graduated with a 3-year BSc in Physics in Bremen late 2008. After that I lead a nomadic existence between Germany, Montreal, Oxford and India. That finally brought me to start my MSc in Physiology at McGill January 2010, I am trying to understand the molecular foundations of hyperresponsive airway smooth muscle. When you, or one of your asthmatic friends, feels like they are getting choked inside, that’s what I mean by hyperresponsive airways. It’s bad.

In what feels like 90 free minutes per week, I enjoy all sorts of techy stuff, contemporary/urban/street art, dancing wildly to electronica, have epic dinners with friends, and, yes, sometimes a quiet moment with a good book. Not about science.

Contact: firstname.lastname[at]mail.mcgill.ca

More info: lhilbert.wordpress.comMcGill Dept. of Physiology student page









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