Diverse in our interests — united by our tools

CAMBAM is short for Center for Applied Mathematics in Biosciences And Medicine. We are interested in problems related to fundamental biology, ranging from biotechnology to biomedical research. Yes, the research interests are diverse, but we share similar tools. Many of us are trained mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, physicists — and all of us know the immense power of equations and processors. This unites us, and this is why we are connected across different universities, disciplines and countries. Need more details? CAMBAM info page

Sound like a good idea so far? Let’s face it:

Research is done by people!

We are these people — and this blog is about us. Here, we share our stories, our achievements, our projects, our hopes and our motivations.

This blog is about what we do. If you want to know what it’s really like Inside CAMBAM, this is the place: reports on current students’ research projects, interviews with members of our subgroups, coverage of recent events — you’ll find that all here, and much more.

Finally, this blog is for us. Are you in one of the CAMBAM groups? Have you found an interesting paper to share? Do you have an upcoming event you need to announce? Perhaps a vacant student position? If you have anything at all to share, contact the editorial board, and we will get it up here. Do you want to get involved? Don’t hesitate — contact us and we’ll get you writing and contributing and editing.


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