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UdeM’s Workshop, a warm invitation, a great day!

Workshop that took place at Université de Montréal under the CAMBAM banner.

Last week, we have been hosted by our fellows of the Department of Pharmacology of Université de Montreal. This meeting took the form of a friendly workshop during which three students have been invited to present their work and thoughts. (more…)

Clinical study on-site visit: How can applied mathematics help insulin-dependent diabetics?

Institut de la Recherche Clinique à Montreal, 10-14h, October 12, 2011


Hi everybody, we are proud to announce the upcoming CAMBAM student event.

Ahmad, a very energetic PhD student, works on a challenging project: a control algorithm for fully automated administration of insulin in type 1 diabetic patients. After visiting him and his great team in the Institut de la Recherche Clinique à Montreal, we invite you to come as well.

Applied Mathematics gone all the way to medical devices, individual patient modelling, and clinical testing? Come and see yourself…click here to see the details: (more…)

CAMBAM seminar speaker: Dr. Sandrine Dudoit

In our last seminar talk, we had the chance to host Sandrine Dudoit, from the University of California, Berkeley.  As a biologist turned bioinformatician and working with RNA-Seq data myself, I was very excited to attend her talk. And I was not disappointed.

Sandrine Dudoit engaged in discussion with the local biostatisticians. Photo: Juli Atherton

High-throughput sequencing technologies are rapidly taking over the field of genomics, thanks to the improvements in quality and cost of sequencing experiments. And, of course, the fact that they are relatively easy to understand by the general public facilitates funding. However, such studies may turn out to be more complex than anticipated… (more…)

CAMBAM seminar speaker: Dr. Somdatta Sinha

After Dr. Sinha's seminar some CAMBAM members went out for a stroll downtown and dinner at Le Commensal. Photo by Thomas Quail.

Last week Thursday Dr. Somdatta Sinha (CCMB) stopped over in Montreal. When I read the announcement of her CAMBAM seminar talk, I first was intrigued by the fact that someone from Hyderabad, India would be visiting – it’s a special city. Checking out Dr Sinha’s publication list and online info, there was a certain feeling that her group simply would not want to limit itself to more than “Biology, very small, very complex and we do Maths.” Both was proven true, in the most positive sense, when Dr Sinha actually arrived. (more…)

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