Computational Neuroscience Workshop 2014 – Online and Timeless Material

Hello everyone!

From the feedback I had over the last two weeks and my own feelings, force is to conclude that this year again the workshop has been an exceptional occasion to acquire and share information on computational tools available to neuroscientists. (more…)

Computational Neuroscience Workshop, Online!

Hi guys,

Finally! After several hours of video editing and cursing (ok, it wasn’t that bad), here are the videos of the talks presented during the computational neuroscience workshop, held on May 7th of this year. (more…)

A Review of the 3rd CAMBAM Annual Meeting

Participants gathering together for the round table with Sensorica

Past Friday, June 8, 2012, it was time for the 3rd CAMBAM Annual Meeting. The past Annual Meetings both created a little bit of a magical atmosphere, befitting such a day that only happens once a year, and only once. Participants were invited to the McGill Faculty Club, its wooden interior speaking of prestige and privilege. Being served an excellent four course meal, I wondered if our contribution can justify such privilege, or in the end displaces little more air than the beat of a butterfly’s wing. After all, this day was primarily about scientific progress in CAMBAM, a day to rest and review our accomplishments and progress – which often takes the form of small steps, taken one at a time – so let’s focus not on dinner courses and ambiance, but on students’ and corporate guests’ contributions to a day full of progress made, interdisciplinary perspectives, and new connections.


What happened at the LBUM?

What to think about the visit of the laboratoire de rhéologie et d’ultrasonographie médicale (LBUM, that took place last Wednesday? The first thing that comes to my mind is how nice these people were. For a full day, François Destrempes and a group of members of the LBUM interrupted their research to receive us and expose us the nature of their work. (more…)

Congratulation to one of our own!

On behalf of CAMBAM, I wish to congratulate one of our members, Alan Schoen, for having accepted a thrilling job with QLAYM, an artificial intelligence company based in Germany.

For those who remember, Alan presented us his project of a software devoted to toads identification by applying pattern recognition and categorization techniques over the shape and location of the warts located on their back. It was in December. Since then, our friend graduated from his masters in Neuroscience and was on the look for career opportunities. (more…)

Field Trip to the IRCM!!!

Last Wednesday we took our trip to the Institut de Recherche Clinique de Montréal (IRCM). We were received by Ahmad Haidar, a PhD students developing an algorithm to regulate the dispense of insulin to diabetic patients. The study wants to develop a closed loop control to connect and coordinate commercially available sensing and pumping devices. This would essentially replace the need for diabetics to administer their own insulin doses, and reduce the dangers that come with it. (more…)

Deb Roy TED talk

MIT researcher Deb Roy wired his entire house up for video and sound, recording the first three years of his son’s life. His results are remarkable and could perhaps tell us much about the wiring that underlies our brains processes. Also, his graphics are really, really cool.

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