CAMBAM Summer School 2018

For the first time since 2015, the CAMBAM Summer School is back in 2018!  This edition of the summer school is focused on nonlinear dynamics in neuroscience and psychology. Bringing together advanced undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and established researchers, the summer school is a unique opportunity to initiate collaboration and discussion. The  summer school will include daily lectures from leading experts, tutorials that complement the lectures through the use of computational techniques and a research project. The school wraps up with a series of presentations about the projects.

More information can be found at :

The deadline to apply to the school is March 30th.

Interview: Leon Glass

Leon Glass (left) and Arthur Winfree

Leon Glass (left) and Arthur Winfree

Leon Glass, Isadore Rosenfeld Chair in Cardiology and Professor of Physiology at McGill University and CAMBAM member, has recently been awarded the Arthur Winfree prize by the Society for Mathematical Biology:  “the Arthur T. Winfree Prize […] will honor a theoretician whose research has inspired significant new biology.” []  On this occasion we (Thomas Quail and Lennart Hilbert) have posed a few questions to Leon. Again, a reminder that Leon is not only a brilliant theorist, but is hardly found short of experiences, insights, and worthwhile pastimes to talk about. (more…)

Dr. Sally Otto at McGill

Dr. Sarah P. (“Sally”) Otto is presently visiting McGill for a couple of days.  Yesterday we had two CAMBAM-sponsored events with her; thanks to everybody who turned out for those!

The first was a CAMBAM students’ roundtable lunch with Dr. Otto.  A handful of us had pizza and soda with her while talking about our research projects and bouncing around related ideas.  This was quite fun for me, since I’m not a CAMBAM member and don’t know much about what you folks do; it was great to hear about heart arrhythmias and neuron chemistry and asthma and actin and myosin and all the rest!  I hope it was also fun for the CAMBAM folks to hear about my models of floral morphology and pollen dispersal and reproductive isolation.  Mathematical biology contains such a diversity of ideas!


Bart Borek: Note on 2012 q-Bio Conference

Posted on behalf of Bartłomiej Borek, at the Biocircuits Institute, University of California, San Diego since Oct. 1, 2012


I am writing this to share my experience of the 2012 q-Bio Conference, and to thank CAMBAM and its people for helping me get there. (more…)

How to navigate a (SIAM) conference

A one page flyer how to navigate a conference – succinct, but spot on as far as my experience is concerned. Blogging about talks or a conference? I should probably get started on that then… (more…)

Workshop June 22, 2012

On June 22, 2012 from 10h-16h in McIntyre Medical Building, room 1101 the CAMBAM Student Chapter will be holding a workshop given by Gabriel Provencher-Langlois and Namdar Homayunfar. Gabriel will talk about Geometric Singular Perturbations and Namdar will present Bifurcation Analysis of DDEs (please see abstracts below).

From 10h-12h, each will host a workshop
A light lunch will be provided from 12h-13h (please let us know if you have any particular food concerns)
The day will conclude with another workshop from both Gabriel and Namdar

Hope to see everyone there!

Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter

Society for Mathematical Biology logo

Society for Mathematical Biology

An article by the CAMBAM student chapter appeared in the latest Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter (Vol 25, #2, In this article, Tom, Morgan, Fred, and me give a quick tour of the history of the student chapter and break down our strategies and a couple of tricks from along the way. We obtained permission to publish the manuscript here on our blog. This is a thorough look under the hood of our community building effort, enjoy. (more…)

Pt II: Retrospective & Going Forward

This is the second of four blog posts in which the CAMBAM student chapter’s organizers—Morgan, Fred, Lennart, and Thomas—are reflecting on the chapter’s activities over the course of the past year. Enjoy!


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