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These are challenging times and we at CaPS would like you to know we are here for you and are open online!

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Stay home and stay safe!!


The Coronavirus pandemic seems to have hit Montreal. With classes canceled today, students are left to wonder what the future holds for the semester. Things seem to have escalated quickly with 17 confirmed cases as of now. Then this morning classes were suspended for two weeks. At this time, I do not believe there has been any announcement as to how the semester will proceed. It is probably still a good idea to keep up with classwork at home and regularly check your email to stay informed. Reddit’s McGill page has a Coronavirus mega thread that is being updated as information becomes available.


Arts Local Wellness Advisor – a Conversation with Bianca Brunetti

Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) are an important campus resource. Introduced last year, LWAs aim to support students by connecting them to the resources they’re looking for. They work to understand a student’s unique situation and then recommend health and wellness support on campus and outside of it.  (more…)

Should You Get a Pet?

For many, university is the first time young people live away from home. This time is filled with adjustments and difficulties that come with adulthood. You might be new to Montreal or Canada, not used to the rigors of academia, and having trouble learning to cook and clean. Adjusting to a new city, a new school, and learning to take care of yourself is stressful. To cope with these strains, many people consider getting a pet during their time at university. However, caring for an animal can be stressful and difficult in conjunction with the demands of school. It can also be a wonderful experience that allows you to bond with and care for another being.


The Apartment Hunt

Looking for an apartment can be stressful. Many other students are also doing so, and this can lead to a shuffle in and out of apartments. Oftentimes, there can also be a pressure to sign for fear of losing a potential apartment. However, when looking for a new home, there are several important factors to take into account, such as: when you want the lease to start, if you want it furnished or unfurnished, what location you want to live in, and whether you want to live with roommates or not.


Taking University Slowly?

During a seminar discussion recently, I had a professor tell me that university is a luxury. His comment baffled me: how had I never considered it that way? Maybe it’s hard to consider something that is so time-consuming and at times incredibly frustrating and difficult as the epitome of comfort. But it got me thinking: why are we as students so consistently eager to escape? Whether it’s our craving for the weekend or our next break or even graduation – what is it that contributes to our overwhelming sense of urgency to distance ourselves from university? (more…)

Montreal study spots

Montreal is a great city for young people. It boasts a number of universities and CEGEPS and is exceptional for student life. As a student, there’s always work to be done, so I try to keep an eye out for nice places to study. I love McGill spots, but I also like to branch out once in awhile. (more…)

Renting Season !!

Winter semester: subzero temperatures, reading week (!!!), the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer vacation and, for many, competing with fellow students as you scour for the perfect apartment. The task is obviously daunting – especially for first-time (or even second-time) renters. Here are a few things to keep at the front of your mind as you search for the ultimate apartment: (more…)

Great Places to Grab a Bite on or Near Campus

While you may think that the area immediately surrounding McGill lacks in food options, there are actually quite a few places to try out. If you’re looking for a place to go with friends, just to grab a quick bite, or simply forgot to pack food, then check out these places. Right beside Tim Hortons you can find A&W and Basha, which are conveniently open late. Whether you’re craving a burger or a pita, they’ve got you covered. Hinnawi Bros is also a great option for bagels but it does close a bit earlier. Another gem is Nouilles Zhonghua, a Chinese hand-pulled noodle soup restaurant, which is located directly across from the Roddick Gates. They offer their soup in different sizes, with different sides, and you can even specialize your noodle shape!


Thoughts on Summer Activities

Summer might feel like a far way off, but it’ll be here soon. As the semester progresses, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to do during the summer. Every summer I try to outline what I want to try and do and then go about accomplishing those goals. Sometimes my goals change during the summer, or I don’t quite get where I want to be, but that’s ok.  (more…)

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