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Linnea Osterberg honor of the upcoming activities night (Jan. 19th), I’ve decided to dedicate my post to some of the awesome and maybe less well-known student groups at McGill. Obviously I don’t have space to elaborate on all the incredible clubs at McGill so don’t forget to go to the SSMU clubs website ( where they have a full listing of all clubs.I would highly recommend everyone visit this website since it provides contact info for most groups on campus. I also encourage everyone to go to activities night, because not only do you get to see what clubs are out there but often you get free food and candy as well!

(In order to impart some type of organization to my clubs list I’ve broken clubs into the same categories in which they appear on SSMU website. Many of these groups also have a facebook presence as well.)


  • Fine Arts Club: The aim of this club is to provide fine arts enthusiasts the chance to visit museums and attend workshops and exhibitions throughout the year. They have a Facebook page or can be contacted via email ( If you’ve ever wanted to go to one of the many great museums here in Montreal, this could be your chance!
  • McGill Fantasia: Do you juggle? Sing? Play a musical instrument? Have other unique performing talents? If so, maybe you should join McGill Fantasia. This group brings together all types of talented students to perform for the elderly, blind, or terminally ill at senior residences and hospitals across Montreal. An excellent way to share your talents and meet other students! The club is on Facebook.
  • Scottish Highland Dancing: The name says it all, really. If you like kilts, firmed calfs, and Riverdance this could be the club for you. They offer both beginner and advanced lessons for all interested McGill students. They have their own website ( where you can go to learn more.

Charitable Clubs

  • Beyond Me: This club is dedicated to providing mentoring services to children and teenagers with disabilities. Their email is Truly a great cause for anyone to be involved with.
  • Getting off the Street (GOTS): This is a club I had not heard of, but they work with the local homeless population so this is a great club for anyone interested in really making an impact locally. Through a variety of activities, such as preparing and serving food at soup kitchens, running a weekly basketball team and hosting fund-raisers this club has a lot to offer to all students looking to help their community. Their contact email is and they are always welcoming to new members.
  • Change for Change: Tired of always shlepping pounds upon pounds of change around? Don’t dispair – give it to change for change! This is an international fund-raising group that aims to support charitable causes by collecting loose change from the McGill community. They are on Facebook and can also be contacted via email (


  • (the) Conservationists: One of the newer environmental groups on campus, this club is all about getting out there and doing things. From shoreline cleanups to planting trees, this is a hands-on experience no nature-lover should miss. For those of you concerned with the world but not so fond of dirt the club also hosts guest speakers and documentary nights. Contact via email (
  • Gorilla Composting: The idea of this club is simple: compost. The aim is to make composting easy for all members of the McGill community. On Facebook or reachable by email ( Get Composting!
  • Flintknappers Club: Just the awesomeness of the name makes this club worth a mention, though their actual mission doesn’t disappoint either! Flintkanpping, for those who don’t know, is the shaping of flint, chert, obsidian, and other concoidal fracturing stones into tools, strikers for flint fire-arms, and flushwork decoration for homes. This club is dedicated to this ancient and still flourishing skill. They are on Facebook (where you can see some pictures of them at work) or can be contacted by email (
Social Activism
  • Abilasha: This is a really neat club whose goal is to build a boarding school and health clinic in India, which will offer free education to disabled children. Though they do a fair amount of fund-raising, they also offer members opportunities to volunteer in India and children’s disabilities centers in Montreal. You can find them on Facebook or email them for more info (
  • McGill Freethought Association: For all those holding secular views (humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, etc.) and looking for a like-minded community, look no further. You can join them on Facebook or via email (
  • Shogi Club: This club aims to introduce the popular Japanese game Shogi to the wider McGill community. A two-player game with similarities to chess, Shogi is a great strategy game played by people of all ages. The club also hopes to share the games important place in Japanese culture with members. Email them at
  • Cupcake Club: Baking cupcakes once a week for organizers to sell at fund-raisers, as well as hosting their own cupcake events, the Cupcake Club is definitely one of the sweetest clubs on campus! Get your apron out and prepare for some fun cookery! They are on Facebook or you can email any questions to
As many of you already know first-hand, volunteer and student clubs are a great way to give back to our beloved Montreal while still providing a fun way to meet new people. To anyone still wondering whether student clubs are worth the time, I say YES! In between all the studying and partying we do as students, clubs offer a way to boost your resume and your social life all while helping improve other peoples’ lives.
In conclusion, go to activities night (January 19th), sign up for some cool clubs, and GET INVOLVED! Really commit your time and energy to a few chosen clubs. You will be making a positive difference in the world and building some incredible friendships.


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